Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow

posted on 14 Jan 2008 19:03 by clashingyot
Lian mission

Successfully complete all five training missions to unlock the bonus Lian mission.

Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Heroes

posted on 14 Jan 2008 19:02 by clashingyot
  • Play as Gaara

    Successfully complete Leaf Destruction!! (Normal) in Heroes mode to unlock Gaara.

  • Play as Guy and Kakashi

    Successfully complete Survival Exercise (Easy) in Heroes mode to unlock Guy and Kakashi.

  • Play as Itachi and Kisame

    Successfully complete Atatsuki Returns (Insane) in Heroes mode to unlock Itachi and Kisame.

  • Play as Jiraiya, Orichmaru, and Tsunade

    Successfully complete The Legendary Sannin (Hard) in Heroes mode to unlock Jiraiya, Orichmaru, and Tsunade.

  • Bonus teams

    Create a group consisting of the indicated characters to create a special team with a bonus skill:

      Akatsuki: Itachi, Kisame
      Association Of Ninja Thugs: Itachi, Kisame, Orochimaru
      Aurora Of Legends: Orochimaru, Tsunade, Jiraiya
      Author & Fan: Jiraiya, Kakashi
      Eternal Rivals: Kakashi, Guy
      Hard Workers United: Naruto, Lee, Hinata
      Hidden Spikes: Any characters that do not form another bonus team
      Hot Blood Master & Student: Guy, Lee
      Indomitable Guts: Naruto and Jiraiya
      Maidens In Love: Sakura, Ino, Hinata
      Master & Student: Jiraiya, Naruto
      Proof Of The Existence: Sasuke, Naruto, Gaara
      Sharingan To The Max: Sasuke, Itachi, Kakashi
      Team Asuma: Ino, Shikamaru, Choji
      Team Byakugan: Hinata, Neji
      Team Guy: Lee, Neji, Tenten
      Team Genius: Neji, Sasuke, Shikamaru
      Team Kakashi: Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura
      Team Kurenai: Hinata, Kiba, Shino
      Team Shanringan: Sasuke, Kakashi, Itachi
      The Cursed: Orochimaru, Sasuke
      The Legendary Sannin: Jiraiya, Tsunade, Orochimaru
      Those Who Know Loneliness: Naruto, Sasuke, Gaara
      Triple Trouble: Naruto, Kiba, Choji
      Uchiha Clan: Sasuke, Itachi
      Will Of Fire: Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura


  • Movies

    Successfully complete Heroes mode with the indicated team to unlock the corresponding movie:

      1: Team Kakashi (Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura)
      2: Team Guy (Neji, Lee, Tenten)
      3: Team Kurenai (Hinata, Kiba, Shino)
      4: Team Asuma (Ino, Shikamaru, Choji)
      5: The Legendary Sannin (Jiraiya, Tsunade, Orochimaru)
      6: Team Sharingan (Sasuke, Kakashi, Itachi)
      7: Team Genius (Sasuke, Neji, Shikamaru)
      8: Triple Trouble (Naruto, Kiba, Choji)
      9: Hard Workers United (Naruto, Lee, Hinata)
      10: Maidens in Love (Sakura, Ino, Hinata)
      11: Akatsuki (Itachi, Kisame)
      12: Master & Student (Jiraiya, Naruto)
      13: The Cursed (Orochimaru, Sasuke)
      14: Hot Blood Master & Student (Guy, Lee)
      15: Eternal Rivals (Kakashi, Guy)
      16: Team Byakugan (Hinata, Neji)
      17: Author & Fan (Jiraiya, Kakashi)
      18: Uchiha Clan (Sasuke, Itachi)
      19: Association of Ninja Thugs (Itachi, Kisame, Orochimaru)
      20: Those Who Know Loneliness (Naruto, Sasuke, Gaara)
      21: Custom Team (Any characters)

    Successfully complete the Promotion Test Missions to unlock six special movies.

  • Second Story mode (Japanese version)

    Successfully complete all 100 floors in Story mode to unlock Second Story mode with 30 floors.

  • Bonus characters (Japanese version)

    Successfully complete all 100 floors in Story mode to unlock Orochimaru, Kabuto, Jiraiya, Shizune, Tsunade, and Sasuke. Successfully complete all 30 floors in Second Story mode to unlock Kisame, Itachi, and the third Hokage.

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    Manhunt 2

    posted on 14 Jan 2008 19:00 by clashingyot
  • Relive Scene option

    Successfully complete the game to unlock the "Relive Scene" option. This option allows any level to be replayed, including the "Release Therapy" bonus level.

  • Bonus level

    Successfully complete the game to unlock a bonus level with Leo.

  • Gun executions

    Get behind an enemy, then hold R. When red, press Square.

  • Familiar face

    Go to the door where the guard tells you he will not let you in because you are not a familiar face. Turn around, go off the stage, and climb up the steps on your left. Then, go up the stairs on that side. Move up the stairs until reaching the top. On the right side down the hallway is a case on the wall. Inside the case is an axe. Use the axe on a person or body. Executions immediately detach a head, where as hacking at a corpse requires a few swings. Pick up the head. Run back to the door, and equip the head as a weapon. Go to the door, and press Action. The guard will now let you in.